What is exactly is wellness?

well·ness ˈ welnis/ noun
the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”― Hippocrates

This is how I started my journey toward wellness...
We started out doing a food "cleanse"... Haha it has been almost over 1 year and we are well on our way... our food habits have changed drastically... since learning more about how our bodies work and feel great when we give ourselves the proper fuel. I know there are lots of do this... don't do that... this is how we started. You have to start somewhere! :)
  1. Drinking more water, and NO soda pop, juice (only fresh juice), no coffee (green tea or herbal tea for starters, now we drink peppermint tea, which aids in digestion.
  2. More fresh organic foods, less oils, meats and dairy.
  3. Organic, Non GMO foods (check your local farmers market or whole food grocer.)
We are blessed to live in an area with many local farms and stores who provide organic and non GMO products.
This has been a long slow process; we are reading several books and have studied many resources about how many people changed their health for the better. As we learned we implemented more and more... 

I was drinking several cups of coffee each day, loaded with artificially flavored coffee creamer… ever look in the bottom of the cup... what is that chalky stuff?! Yikes!
One day I just decided- 1 cup of coffee and thats it. Which is HUGE for this former barista! My friends and family are still shocked! lol 

Then one day I didn’t have any, I had tea instead. A few weeks of hot tea or lemon water and plain water... now my mornings are spent enjoying fresh, organic juice.

The benefits?
  1. I am happier and healthier
  2. Sleeping though the night
  3. Having more energy
  4. Clarity of thought
  5. Clear, glowing skin
  6. Overall feeling of wellness
  7. I am off all prescription drugs
  8. Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol
  9. My weight has steadied
  10. I seldom get sick
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Here are some of the books, resources and recipes we have enjoyed on this journey. Enjoy!

The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing education and training in the Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. You will find a wealth of information on this site. www.gerson.org/

Free printable juice plan, recipes and shopping lists from Reboot with Joe Juice Diet

3 days of juicing only
Download the 3 Day Plan

5 days of juicing only
Download the 5 Day Plan

10 days of eating & juicing
Download the 10 Day Plan

15 days of eating & juicing
Download the 15 Day Plan

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