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Style Me Modest: Sporty Chic 6.1.15

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Style me modest: Sporty chic

Style Me Modest: Sporty Chic by carmillafashih

Yves Saint Laurent striped sweater

Vionnet circle skirt

Cole Haan ballet flat

Rachael Ruddick black handbag

Tag Heuer bracelet watch

Style Me Modest 5.18.15

Boho chic

Fashion Journal by Carmilla FaShih
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Creative Women's Summit Livestream! 5.14.15

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This happening today at 10 am!

I'm so excited about this amaing group of creatives! Today at 10 am is the Creative Women's Summit.

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Enjoy! xo Carmilla

Style Me Modest: Formals 4.27.15

Tis the season for formals! Weddings, Prom, Banquet... Style Me Modest, Please...
Remember getting ready for special events and shopping, shopping, SHOPPING... for something to fit your style and comfort level? You know that outfit that fits you perfectly, you feel great, get compliments, You know that one that makes you feel like 10?

... at 5'10 in the 8th grade... I was taller than all my friends, the boys, my mom and many of my elders (awkward!). Shopping was very frustrating for mom and me... sometimes we my mom ended up spending more than we she wanted to simply because there weren't any other options.
Modest Girl's Guide to Prom

So when Jr Prom was several months out I decided to order a dress... I found one, for less than $40 I was so excited- no one would have a dress like mine! Little did I know notice would be sent weeks before the event that it was SOLD OUT! I was crushed and in panic mode. Have you ever been there?! 

There wasn't anything close to my style in the stores where we lived. So we started to the mall to peruse through the prom dresses... at a large retailer... you know after the dresses have been shopped over and nothing is grouped together by size/style...

then I saw it a white empire styled dress very classy and crisp and very expensive. But I tried it on anyway and you know what- it fit perfectly! Mom knew how much I wanted the first dress and how disappointed I was when it wasn't available. She got it for me and we didn't have to spend hours looking for the perfect dress. It turned out to be a pleasant shopping experience for both of us. A dress that actually fit comfortably and was absolutely beautiful... a perfect 10. Thanks Mom!

Finding a dress for Sr banquet in bible school was much easier... I stumbled upon a boutique and found an April Cornell dress with long sleeves. Hooray for sleeves! There were two removable shoulder pads which instantly came out! Using a seam ripper I gently removed all the stitching from one shoulder pad, removed the padding and made a modesty panel to raise the neckline. It was so nice to have a matching modesty panel with my dress! Absolutely no other alterations were necessary. However, I did sew up the button front, for my own comfort.

Now, thanks to the internet, we can find a lot, more options and I am so super excited that the #modestfashionmovement is in full swing! We have so many more choices and designers are actually listening to what we want: longer dresses and skirts, sleeves...

See Dolce & Gabbanna post here, see more Style Me Modest here. Also modest designers like Dainty Jewells are creating beautiful long, dresses with longer sleeves for formal events.

We want to be beautiful, comfortable, classy and covered. And... we don't want to have everything altered, layered, sleeves added, insert modesty panel, safety pin this, tuck here... Can I get an Amen? All the classy ladies stand up!

Have a beautiful week! xo Carmilla

Modest bridal shop, Chatfields Bridal Boutique, is CLOSING May 30th! The good news for you is that she is selling everything (Prom, Bridal, Bridesmaid) at a STEEP discount -- 15% - 90% off. Please contact the shop right away to schedule an appointment. FYI: Chatfields will continue to operate only through the E-commerce site at:

Shop more modest styles here.


Style Me Modest: Feature Prom & Banquet 2015 @Carmilla FaShih

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Style Me Modest 4.21.15

Trending now: longer denim skirts

Trending now: longer denim skirts by CarmillaFaShih

All time favorite femine denim skirt...